Serious athletes strive to be the best at their game and typically the best way to do that is through training the proper way. Through the excellence of BB Sports Performance, the best is easily attainable for any athlete, of any game, at any level, at any age. The BB Sports Performance approach to training decreases risk of injuries as well as increases power and performance through a Pilates conditioning method. 

To prevent injury, the stabilizers must be strengthened and flexible, ready to support the joint through movement and stress (pounding). The spine must be flexible, aligned, and supported, and the core must serve as the powerhouse of the body.   BB Sports Performance trainers use equipment created by the PhysicalMind Institute designed for the modern, tech age body.

TYE4® is revolutionary in strengthening the small stabilizers around the joints, improving balance and waking up dormant muscles in the body.

PARASETTER® breaks up fascia in the back allowing for greater scapula awareness and movement.

MINIS™ stretch, strengthen, adjust, and align the feet

HEADFLOATER® cures tech neck (head forward/ shoulders rounded forward posture) 

Our athletes feel better, perform better and recover better.