The proven, patented TYE4® WEARABLE RESISTANCE SYSTEM compliments any existing training program or stands alone for individual fitness goals.

Conditioning in the TYE4 recruits postural stabilizer muscles that activates a fluid kinetic chain reaction resulting in an improved range of motion.   Strong stabilizer muscles brace the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and spine which combine with the large muscle groups to strengthen those areas most prone to injury. 

Below, Jim Cotta and Ashley Benson describe why TYE4 is an absolute game changer for athletes 💯 Jim brings his experience as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for many athletes, including 7 years with the LA Lakers and combines it with Ashley’s TYE4 Pilates training and experience.


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  • increase mobility

  • improve knee + ankle stability

  • increase vertical jump

  • gain core strength

  • target scapula activation