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Here we provide video content and recourses for athletes and fitness professionals aimed at reducing pain and risk of injury, as well as improving athletic  performance by focusing on the fundamentals. 

Our training method recruits postural stabilizer muscles that activates a fluid kinetic chain reaction resulting in an improved range of motion.   Strong stabilizer muscles brace the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and spine which combine with the large muscle groups to strengthen those areas most prone to injury. 

The proven, patented TYE4ยฎ WEARABLE RESISTANCE SYSTEM is used in our training and compliments any existing training program or stands alone for individual fitness goals.

Keep players playing.  Prolong athletic careers.

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Are you an athlete trying to gain the advantage, reduce pain and reduce risk of injury?

If you answered YES, then this is for you!

Members get unlimited access to videos and receive discounted private sessions.

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Video content and resources for serious or recovering athlete and Fitness Professionals and Fitness Facilities.


* ELDOA Method

* Facial Stretch Therapy

* Screening

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Members receive unlimited access to a variety of 30 minute LIVE online classes including Pilates, toning, cardio and stretching.

Canโ€™t make it to a live class? NO WORRIES! As a Member, you have access to all the class recordings to do anyplace, anytime.

Membership includes access to our private FB community group where you get encouragement, accountability, access to the instructors and a place to build relationships as we work towards a similar goal ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

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