Shoulders are at high risk of injury for athletes, especially overhead sports because they face high loads and forces during serving, smashing or swinging.  The scapula AKA shoulder blade, is primarily held in place by the attached and surrounding muscles. Many muscles use the scapula for attachment and they enable the large range of shoulder motion.  

… So we will see to it that those muscles are well prepped, unrestricted, strong, flexible and well cared for (recovery).

The Parasetter® (foam roller) is a fantastic tool in achieving this, and scapula love is just ONE reason we warm-up and prep with Parasetter before activity.

TYE4® is ideal for Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Conditioning.  We use it to stretch and strengthen those four, oh so important stabilizing muscles that keep the shoulder complex in order. 

This is a sample of the training and equipment you will implement after attending a B&B Injury Prevention Clinic.  Click here for upcoming clinics and email for interest in hosting a clinic.