Football summer training with TYE4® wearable resistance system. - flexibility, mobility especially in spine, hips and shoulders… even working on hands and feet to prep body for impact. - running form for speed, endurance - increased vertical, coordination, agility - decreased joint pain and injury.

Featured Athlete: QB Austin Henderson, 13

Kim Henderson, Austin's mom...

" Parents of Athletes.....This has been a GAME CHANGER for Austin.....strengthening Stabilizer muscles, increased mobility, improved accuracy, flexibility, & speed..... No more back pain, minimal knee pain in knees that were bone on bone w/Osgood Slotter....after 2 football practices daily!! Can't say enough about AshleyBensonFitness.....LIFE CHANGING!!!" It’s going to be a great, strong season!"

Football Pre-season strength and speed conditioning using TYE4@ to speed up and enhance results – with Coach Lyle Haywood