Blog Author:  Danielle Longhouser 

I have been skiing for roughly 16 years. Sometimes all of that practice and experience does not pay off. Last week, I took a trip to Park City, Utah to shred some powder. The trip was wonderful and the snow was great.

However, I did take a few tumbles and even got hit by the chairlift getting off.  Turns out, when you get hit by something directly on the spine it hurts pretty bad and will leave you very sore.


Having back-to-back flights coming back to Nashville was very rough on my body. I am pretty convinced that human beings should not be 33,000 feet in the air going 700 mph . Traveling with over 50 lbs of luggage is a struggle as well. So by the time we got back, I was absolutely destroyed. 

The Parasetter® & Mini’s and I have been friends for awhile but I never really understood their potential until I desperately needed some TLC. I have had some back and knee problems in the past. (I tend to play a little too hard) and have actually broken my tailbone twice so whenever anything flares up, I head straight to the equipment.


This time, instead of doing any movement, I just laid on the Parasetter with my legs crossed in the air. O.M.G. Within minutes, my back and legs were completely relaxed and felt a gazillion times better. I just laid there for awhile allowing my spine to further elongate and relax. It is honestly magical.


As for the Minis, I did a few squats but soon realized that my quads wanted none of that. (Skiing is a pretty quad-heavy sport) So I ended up just standing still on those for a few minutes as well.  My feet are pretty weird as it is and get out of alignment pretty easily so the Minis really help me get my feet back where they need to be. Which ultimately solves a lot of alignment problems elsewhere in my body.  

 Now, I can honestly say that I am best friends with both the Parasetter and Minis. To get great relief from soreness/ pain in not only that quick of a time span, but also while relaxing is unparalleled to anything else. It is literally magic. 


Special thanks to Tele 🐾🐾 @thegoldentele for all your support 😘

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